Casteil of 885 at our days

The name of Casteil comes from Latin Castellum who indicated a Roman castrum then; i.e. a strengthened station. This tower became with the Middle Ages a strong castle. The name of the village appears for the first time at XIIè sciècle in the form of Castellum, then in 1358 pennies the form of Casteil whose topomyme means castle.
The origin of Casteil is from the start related to its inheritance. The oldest mention goes back to 885 and the existence of a castle concerns, the "castrum verneto". The origin of the village east thus related to the extremely primitive castle, located on a rocky outcrop above the current village on the way of the abbey. This fortress was probably located meadows of Vault of Saint Martin's day the old man. The site had been strategically selected in order to to supervise the whole of the valley of Cady. The village was not whereas a simple farm or "villae". These "villae" was great agricultural properties offered to the vétérants of the Roman army in thanks of the years spent to the service of the Empire. In spite of the fall of the Empire, they had maintained them agricultural populations and their activities, but also structured the territory. They were at the origin of many villages as it was the case for Casteil. The primitive castle was then named in 937 "castrum Sancti Martini", attesting presence of the vault now called "Martin Saint the Old man. This vault was useful to the inhabitants of the castle and testifies to the strong demography to the mountains to the Middle Ages. Some years after, the mention "domus Sancti Martini" probably attests beginnings of work abbey.

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